Santa Clara University

Printing on Campus

Installing Printer Drivers

Our new printing system allows you to print to any printer on-campus with the click of a button.  Follow the links below to the installation packages for your computer's operating system.

Mac OS X

Follow this link to your installation package download. Once the files have been downloaded to your computer, install all three drivers in the package for maximum printing capabilities.

Mac OS X Printer Drivers

Windows XP/7/8

Follow this link to the printer driver download files. Open the downloaded files and click "Install" to start the installation process.

Windows Printer Drivers 


Printing a Document

1. Select the printer called "SmartPrint BW Printer" for black and white printing or "SmartPrint Color Printer" for color printing.

2.You will be prompted for your SCU Network ID (Novell username the same one you use for your email without the once you print a file. Type this in and your file will be sent.

3.Go to any SmartPrint card swipe release station on campus, swipe your card and with this new feature only your print job(s)will be visible.

4.Swipe your ACCESS card as you do now, and you will see all the jobs currently associated with your username.

5.Select the job you want to print, select "Print" from the on-screen menu, and your document will print.

6.If you do not have your Access Card, you may still print by typing in your Novell username and password.


For further instruction on printing on-campus, download this printing brochure or go to