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All handouts and class files for Technology Training classes are found here. Use the categories and tags on the right to browse for training material by software application (Excel, Photoshop, etc.) or by subject (PC Replacement, forms and PDFs, etc.)

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  •  PowerPoint 2010 - Advanced Techniques Lab

    This workshop skips over basics and dives deep into some commonly used advance editing features in PowerPoint 2010.

  •  Preparing for PC Replacement - Backing up your PC

    This class is for anyone concerned with protecting their data by backing it up. If you are replacing your computer, or scheduled for PC replacement and you don't want to lose any of your data, then this one hour class will prepare you with the tools you need.

  •  Transition to Excel 2010

    This course covers new features in Excel, changes to the Excel interface, and how to perform common tasks in Excel 2010 versus Excel 2003.

  •  Personal Budgets with Microsoft Excel

    Explore the power of Excel to create and understand budgets. In this class you will learn how to create a budget and use various formulas to analyze your data. Once you have created a budget you will learn how to format in Excel so your new budget is easy to read.

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