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Training and Support for Faculty

  • iconFaculty Technology Training Classes

    Scheduled technology training classes are customized for faculty needs and include examples of the use of technology in the classroom. These classes are task oriented, last 1-2 hours and are offered in a relaxed, hands-on environment.
  • iconCustomized Workshops

    Instruction is learner-centered and designed to address faculty training needs and requirements. Some examples of faculty training workshops include:
    • Excel data analysis, creating budgets, budget analysis, working with pivot tables, etc.
    • Learning to work with digital media, including downloading images, basic image editing, optimizing images for the web, etc.

    • PowerPoint for the classroom, including using the draw tools, notes, special effects, etc.
    • Create your own website with Dreamweaver, including web basics, preparing materials, documents, images, and presentations for the web, etc.
    • Publishing with Word, including formatting, creating a table of contents, a concordance file to generate an index, endnotes or footnotes, etc.

  • iconClassroom Support

    Faculty who use technology in the classroom with their students have several training support options:
    • If they use software such as PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, or Excel, faculty can ask for a trainer to teach the application to their students in their classroom. Training is customized to address the learning goals and objectives as defined by the instructor.
    • Faculty who are comfortable teaching their class an application can still request a trainer to help facilitate student learning by keeping everyone at the same pace.
  • iconFollow-Up Support

    Technology Training has Software Support Office Hours available where faculty, staff, and students can come to get help on special projects with the support of a Technology Training Specialist.
  • iconContact Us

    Have a question? Use the Contact Us form to get answers to your software questions by the trainers in Technology Training.
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