Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University - Undergraduate Admission

Grace Hartman

Senior Associate Director

Applying to college can sometimes be a frightening process and it tends to be different for every student and family, so I recommend that you focus on what YOU can do to be the best, most competitive applicant that YOU can be, and concern yourself less with what others may be doing.

1. How do you define a great application? 
A great application finds a way to show me a personal side to the student in what can be a very impersonal application. The students who submit great applications are able to express who they truly are, where they come from, what they stand for, and where they would like to head in life in the few places in the application that allow a student to convey all that.  My advice is to focus on the essay and choose who will write your academic letter of recommendation wisely!

2. What inspires your work?
Students who don't always fit the status quo inspire me!  I love students who take the time to seriously research schools and opportunities that are a good fit for them, not just a place where all their friends are applying.  Everyday I am inspired by the students who might have struggled but have persevered to become successful!

3. What do you do in your spare time?
My spare time is generally filled with visiting family and friends all over the place, including Missouri, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, Southern California and of course, the Bay Area.  Generally that includes good food, good wine and good times!  I'm also a HUGE fan of the food truck craze and love "stalking" my favorite trucks all over the Bay Area.  I'm an avid sports fan and always root for the Bay Area teams, and even though I grew up in the East Bay, my favorites are definitely the Giants, 49'ers, Sharks and the Warriors (I played basketball in college).

4. What is your favorite song?
 How can anyone pick just one song?!  This is impossible to answer.  I probably have the most eclectic taste in music ever.  My favorites always relate to a memory, so here are a few:  Vivaldi's, "Four Seasons: Spring" because I saw it performed in a small historic venue in Florence, Italy when I was in high school; Journey's, "Lights" because Journey is one of the best bands ever and always reminds me of lovely nights in the Bay Area; and Kelly Clarkson's, "My Life Would Suck Without You" because one of my sisters and I are HUGE Kelly Clarkson fans and my life would totally stink without my sister(s).