Santa Clara University


Zipping Around Town

zipcarThree Zipcars now have permanent parking spaces on the Santa Clara campus. Members of the 24/7 car-sharing service can rent the vehicles from one hour to four days. Gas and insurance are included in the hourly rental fee.

The cars underscore the University’s commitment to environmental issues and are parked adjacent to the main campus parking structure in the surface lot by Buck Shaw Stadium. “Hopefully in the future, having the Zipcars available will mean fewer cars overall on campus,” said Matt Cameron, assistant vice provost for student life. His hope is that the SCU community will bike, walk, or take public transport to campus knowing that the Zipcar is available for them should they need to use it.

He said that the Zipcars will be particularly useful for freshman, who aren’t allowed to have a car on campus and typically are too young to rent a car from a traditional rental agency. SCU students aged 18-20 will only be able to reserve one of the campus Zipcars. But Zipcar members aged 21 and over—even if they aren’t affiliated with SCU—can use the Zipcars parked on campus or anywhere else.

For more information visit or pick up a brochure on campus where the cars are parked.