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Spring 2013 Community Newlstter

Reaching Out Via Social Media

Being on the Santa Clara University campus inspires many people to take photos—and share their pictures.

“Without our direction or control, visitors to the University will come on campus and take snapshots,” said Stephanie R. Bravo, assistant director of social media for Santa Clara University’s Office of Marketing and Communications. “They really want to share the weather, the beauty, the history, the Santa Clara Mission.”

Many students and visitors post their photos to social media sites, leading the University to expand its social media outreach to include Instagram and Pinterest.

Reaching Out Via Social Media

“We decided that we really needed to explore these platforms and produce content that was consistent with the Santa Clara brand,” Bravo said.

Both sites let users share photos. On Pinterest, they’re organized into boards, which are like photo albums. “We noticed that a lot of the activity on Pinterest revolves around fashion and arts and crafts,” Bravo said. So they created boards for those topics on campus, as well as for dining and day-to-day campus life.

When engaging with the public on social media, the communication goes two ways. “I’m actively online and assessing and liking comments,” Bravo said. “If there’s a question I’ll try to answer it or point them in the direction of the person who would have the answer. If there’s a negative comment, most of the time it’s constructive feedback that helps us continue to learn and improve.”

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