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Support for Web publishing at Santa Clara University is provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications, Information Services, the Webmaster and Web Applications Developer in the Media Services department, and system and network administrators in the Information Technology department.


Web Publishing News

List Formatting Options
Three rendering options are available for the Bulleted List element. The "directory" list option presents list items in a format similar to the top-level navigation pages on the SCU Web site. A more compact version of this rendering option, the "simple" list, is also available. Both of these options allow for custom thumbnail images to replace the standard list item icons. A third option, the "expandable" list, is based on the blog feature design - allowing the item description and link display to be toggled on and off. Read More »
Blog Feature Options
The Blog Feature element has been revised in the new site design. By default, the featured posts are displayed using a styled list, with options to expand/collapse list items to view the blog post text. An option is available to display the featured items using the "directory list" style. Set the custom parameter display=list to apply that change. Read More »
Blog Navigation Element
In the new site design, the blog element doesn't include a navigation menu by default. You can add navigation for Recent Posts, Categories, and Archives to your blog page by displaying the right column and adding the "Blog Navigation" element from the Right Column category in the Element Gallery. Read More »
Transitioning to the new design
Resources are available for SCU Web publishers, and others with an interest in the SCU Web site redesign project, in the Web Publishing site's Design section. Read More »
Commonspot Authoring Server Replacement Plan
The Commonspot authoring server is on schedule to be upgraded on Monday, July 30th. We plan to start this process at around 9am, and hope to have the server upgrade completed by early afternoon. Commonspot authoring access and replication will be disabled while the upgrade is ongoing, and we anticipate having both authoring and replication restored by early afternoon on Monday. Read More »
Web Server Hardware Replacement
The Web servers have been upgraded with new server hardware, and a change to the operating system and server software. This project has been moving through the planning, development, and testing stages over the last several months. The new hardware has significantly enhanced memory, storage, and processing power. Two of the servers being replaced have been in service since 1999. Read More »
Staging server and FTP access
The staging server, used for hosting a limited number of FTP accounts, is scheduled to be upgraded on Monday, July 30th. As a result, account passwords set on the current staging server will need to be reset. If you need to have your password reset, please submit a support request to the Web Publishing team. Read More »
Replication Frequency
Commonspot content replication from authoring to production is now scheduled to run every hour, a change from the long-standing two-hour-interval pattern. Read More »
Commonspot authoring and replication this weekend
The SCU Web site and Commonspot CMS will experience some downtime on Friday, 5/17 and Saturday 5/18, due to the SAN upgrade schedule. We expect the downtime to take place sometime between 7pm Friday and 5am Saturday, with the duration anticipated to be about four hours. Read More »
Title Image Creation Tool

A new tool is available to assist in the creation of title images for templates for users who don't have Adobe Photoshop or prefer not to use it.

The Title Image Creator (commonspot login required) is a web interface in which you can choose a color scheme and enter the desired text, and the title image will be created for you. Right click on the resulting image and save it to your computer, then upload it to the image gallery for use in the template. For more instructions on template creation, click here

Read More »
Looking for help with your Web site?

Send a support request to the SCU Web Publishing team in OMC and Media Services.

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