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Support for Web publishing at Santa Clara University is provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications, Information Services, the Webmaster and Web Applications Developer in the Media Services department, and system and network administrators in the Information Technology department.


Web Publishing News

Content Layout Options
The base template in Commonspot includes a Layout element in the center column, with one cell for page content. The initial layout of content within the center column can be changed by adding rows, columns, and modifying the individual cell properties. Read More »
Commonspot authoring server status
A Commonspot patch was scheduled to be applied earlier this morning, and the application of the patch caused the authoring server to block Commonspot login attempts, and produce numerous display errors. Read More »
Google Maps Directions to Campus
A new element is available in Commonspot that will allow visitors to get directions to campus using Google Maps. Read More »
Google Custom Search
The SCU Web site search has been updated to include Google's Custom Search system. We had previously used Google's Public Search system for the SCU site search, which provided access to Google's index of all publicly-accessible servers in the domain. The new Custom Search system allows us to include SCU-related content on external hosts, such as the Santa Clara Broncos and Campus Bookstore Web sites. Read More »
Database Server Maintenance
Maintenance is planned for one of the database servers that is used to supply content for the Web site, on Thursday morning, 4/19 from 5 to 7 am. Read More »
CFMX 7 Update
The ColdfusionMX application server software on the cms and www servers has been updated to the current release, 7.0.2. This update includes a number of security enhancements and bug fixes, and is certified for use with the current Java version running on these systems. Read More »
Commonspot Editor and HTML warning
A recent Commonspot patch has introduced a minor bug in the rich text editor element. Any text edits will generate an HTML cleanup warning message. Paperthin is working on a remedy for this problem, which should be applied in the next couple of days. In the meantime, just click the "continue" button to bypass the warning message. Read More »
Text Characters for Other Languages
Commonspot now supports text characters for languages other than the standard character encoding for the Latin alphabet. Read More »
System Patches
Over the last two weeks, several updates and patches have been installed on the cms and www Web servers. Operating system patches were installed to handle the Daylight Savings Time change, and update the system's Java Runtime Engine to a current release. Read More »
Special Character Rendering in Commonspot
Following last month's upgrade to Commonspot 4.6sp3, a bug was observed with Commonspot's rendering of special text characters. Read More »
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