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Commonspot and Google Analytics

A Commonspot subsite can be configured to include Google Analytics data for any subsite page. To set this up for your subsite, access  Subsite Administration and look for the Analytics menu option.

Analytics Menu

Click the Analytics menu option and enter your Google Analytics login credentials:

Analytics Form

Save these settings, and you will then have access to Google Analytics data for any page in the subsite. To view analytics data, expand the left column by clicking the orange arrow  in the left margin, then click the analytics icon in the Page View group at the base of this column.

orange arrow page view

If you configure Analytics at the top level of your subsite tree, the settings should automatically be inherited by any subsites below that level. If needed, you can use the Subsite Admin's "Copy Subsite Properties" menu option to copy the Analytics configuration to other subsites, rather than configuring them individually.

Analytics Menu

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