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  •  About Template Inheritance

    Friday, Dec. 12, 2008
    Have you encountered this problem?  You've made a change to the navigation menu in your site's template, but you don't see that change reflected on one or more pages in your site.  This usually results from page-level edits interfering with the ability of that page to inherit template-based changes.  A Step-By-Step Guide page has been added that describes how this problem can be corrected.
  •  Commonspot Session Timeout

    Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008
    The timeout for inactive sessions has been extended to 30 minutes. After a half-hour of inactivity, you'll be logged out of Commonspot.
  •  Commonspot Contributor Guide

    Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008
    The Commonspot Help page on the Web Publishing site includes a link to the full documentation for Commonspot provided by Paperthin. This comprehensive document describes the delivered functionality in Commonspot version 4.6 - it won't document custom elements within our installation, such as the blog, survey manager, event calendar, or phonebook elements, but does cover the basic functions of the content management system. You'll need to login to Commonspot to view this PDF.
  •  Hours Schedule Manager

    Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2008

    A new system is available to manage scheduled hours of operation for SCU offices, service points, buildings, and office hours for individuals.  Two custom elements are also available for display of hours schedules within a Commonspot page. Read the tutorial page in the Web Publishing site for more information.

  •  Introduction to Commonspot 5

    Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008
    The next release of Commonspot will introduce changes to the system's interface. We've put together a few documents that compare the current system with Commonspot 5.
  •  Campus Map Updated

    Thursday, Sep. 11, 2008
    The images in the Web version of the campus map have been updated. The Phonebook database is also in the process of being updated to reflect moves of departments to new locations on campus.
  •  Media Player

    Thursday, Jul. 31, 2008

    A new element has been added to the Content Well element gallery category that will allow you to embed a video or audio file player in a Commonspot page.

  •  Additional settings for the Blog element

    Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2008

    The blog element now accepts a few new custom script parameters, which will allow you to change the sort order of the blog, and apply a few different presentation styles.

  •  Flash Slideshow element updated

    Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2008
    The Flash Slideshow element has been updated to include a bug fix for a Firefox browser conflict and include a simpler navigation menu. The element can be found in the Content Well element gallery category. When viewing the element in author mode, you'll be presented with a form that will allow you to add, modify, or delete slideshow images.
  •  Comment Form

    Monday, Jun. 30, 2008
    Add a simple comment form to any Commonspot page. The element can be configured to allow comments to be submitted anonymously, or require an SCU Groupwise or self-generated ID and password before comments can be submitted.
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