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  •  Image slideshow option added to blog element

    Thursday, Apr. 3, 2008
    Using Commonspot's Blog element, you can display multiple images associated with a blog post as an image slideshow.
    View of the Learning Commons from the southwest corner.
  •  Commonspot blog element support for embedded media

    Wednesday, Apr. 2, 2008
    The blog element now supports the display of audio and video content. Add the URL of a media file in the enclosure field in the blog post form. Supported media file types are mp3, swf, flv, and mov.
  •  Firefox 3 beta and Commonspot

    Monday, Mar. 24, 2008
    A new version of Firefox is now available in a beta release.  We've noticed a few issues in our initial tests using this Web browser and Commonspot.  The most noticeable impact on ease-of-use is that new browser windows are often not resized and positioned in standard forms.  For example, opening an editing window for a text block won't position the new window above the main view. The default settings for handling window opening and resizing can be modified through the Tools > Options > Content > Enable Javascript (advanced) options.
  •  Web Developers move to Learning Commons

    Monday, Mar. 24, 2008
    Web application developer support from Media Services is now located in the new Learning Commons building.  Our office is located on the third level, in room 329. Please direct Web development inquiries to Brian and Tony via the Web Publishing Support Request form.
  •  Upcoming Events right column element updated

    Thursday, Mar. 13, 2008
    The right-column element used to display events has been updated to work with calendars created in the Event Manager system. Like the standard version of the Event summary/details element, this element requires one parameter - the ID number of a calendar configured in the Event Manager.
  •  Web color palette updated

    Wednesday, Mar. 5, 2008
    The color palette page has been updated to reflect the schemes used in the recent redesign of the Santa Clara University Web site.
  •  YouTube video element

    Sunday, Mar. 2, 2008
    An element has been added to the Content Well element gallery category that lets you embed a YouTube video in a Commonspot page.
  •  Campus Calendar and Tags

    Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2008
    The Campus Calendar has been updated to include a mechanism to create a list of tags, and associate tags with individual events. A custom calendar can then be configured, selecting events with a particular tag. More detail on this feature can be found in the Campus Calendar's Help section.
  •  Commonspot systems moving

    Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2008
    The Commonspot web and database servers have moved from the IT building to the new Data Center, in advance of the major migration for university systems planned for this weekend. With the cms web and database servers already in place, we should have a stable and available Web presence throughout the weekend.
  •  Web Systems and the new Data Center

    Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008
    The Web, database, and directory servers that support the Web system are moving from their current location in the Information Technology building to the new Data Center in the Learning Commons.
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