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  •  Blog system comments form

    Wednesday, Apr. 6, 2011

    The form used for comments in the Commonspot blog element has been revised to more effectively limit html and http references.  In some cases, the comment form has been mis-used to embed spam links in a blog page.

  •  CMS virtualization today

    Tuesday, Apr. 5, 2011

    The last remaining system to be migrated to the virtual environment was the Commonspot authoring server.  That's now completed, and authoring and replication have been re-enabled.

  •  WWW database server issue

    Wednesday, Mar. 9, 2011

    Early this morning, and again between 10 and 10:45 am, we were having trouble with the database server used by Commonspot.  That appears to be resolved now, but the system administrators are closely monitoring the server.

  •  QR Code Generator

    Monday, Mar. 7, 2011

    We've added a QR code utility to the Mobile Project site - this can be used to create a QR code image for a mobile site URL.  It can actually be used to create an image for any URL hosted on, but it's most useful as an easy way for mobile device users to be directed to a specific Web site address.

  •  Web server migration completed

    Thursday, Mar. 3, 2011

    The three www servers have been migrated to the virtual environment - on Tuesday, 3/1 the remaining two systems were moved successfully.  The systems have been operating without error since Tuesday, and we'll continue to monitor their performance closely.  The cms server still remains to be moved, and that is tentatively planned for early morning, March 16, or possibly March 22nd.

  •  Web server moves rescheduled

    Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011

    As mentioned in this week's Site Administrator meeting, we're planning to migrate the remaining www servers to the virtual environment. This had been planned for Tuesday, Feb. 22nd, but has been rescheduled for early morning on March 1st.

  •  Scheduled Elements

    Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011

    A new tutorial page has been added that describes how to use the Schedule/Personalize element.  This is useful for managing content that should be displayed based on specific conditions, such as the day, date, or time of day, page category, or subsite location.

  •  Facebook Like Box available

    Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011

    A Commonspot element is now available to add a Facebook Like Box to a page.  The Llke Box requires the URL for a Facebook page, and includes the "like" button, a list of posts to your FB page, and profile images for fans of your page.  You'll find this new element in the Page Tools element gallery category.

  •  Blog system updates

    Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010

    The blog settings and post forms include a few new fields.  You can now set an image path for the blog int the Settings form. The image will be included in the blog's RSS feed and can optionally be displayed in the right column in the blog display.  The settings form also includes a field for a Feedburner feed name.  Configuring a feed name here allows you to select the Feedburner subscription form to be displayed in the right column of a blog display page.

    The blog post form now includes a field for a category name.  This will supplement tags as a way of describing and organizing blog posts.

    These changes are described further in the Blog Manager help page.

  •  Flickr slideshow element now supports Lightbox

    Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2010

    An additional display mode is now available in the Flickr Slideshow element - you can switch from the standard embedded Flash player to a Lightbox viewer. See the tutorial page for examples.

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