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  •  Social Media Options

    Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2010

    A page has been added to the Web Publishing site where we've assembled the various elements available to Commonspot sites for social media integration, including Facebook 'like' and 'share' buttons, the 'ShareThis' widget, and a Twitter Profile widget.


  •  RSS Aggregator

    Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2010

    The RSS elements available for the content well and right column now support including more than one RSS feed.  Blog posts from multiple sources can be combined in a single display, organized by publication date.

  •  Post upgrade - clearing browser cache

    Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010

    The Commonspot 5.1 upgrade includes some fixes for web browser conflicts when using Commonspot for authoring.  Web browsers may retain cached versions of some of the upgraded javascript files in the upgrade, and so it's recommended that you clear the browser cache.

    (from Paperthin's upgrade documentation)

    For supported versions of Mozilla Firefox, you can access these options through Tools -> Clear Private Data or Tools -> Options -> Privacy.  Review browser Help for more information.

    For Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, click F12 -> Cache -> Clear Browser Cache or click Internet Options -> General ->Settings ->View Files -> Delete .js and .css files  Note: For IE8 CTRL-R will not clear .js or .css files.

    For Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, use CTRL-F5 or click Tools -> Internet Options.  Under the General tab - Browsing History, click Delete. Review browser Help for more information.

  •  Commonspot 5.1 upgrade Wednesday AM

    Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010

    We're installing the Commonspot 5.1 service pack 1 on the cms server this morning.  Authoring will be offline briefly, and there will likely be some delays in Commonspot replication during the morning hours.  Updates will be posted on this blog.

    Update 8:28 am: The upgrade has been installed on the cms server, and authoring has been restored.  We're now beginning the upgrade process on the production servers.

    Update 9:37 am: The www servers are now upgraded to CS 5.1 SP1, replication has been tested successfully and it is back on the hourly schedule.

  •  Missing Commonspot menus

    Thursday, Jul. 22, 2010

    We've had a few reports of problems with Commonspot pages that aren't displaying the menus associated with the main toolbar (Tools & Information, Page VIew, Properties).  This can occur when a page cache file is not completely assembled.  To fix this, you'll need to clear the subsite cache using the Subsite Administration forms on the cms server:

    [your subsite path]/admin.cfm

    Expand "Subsite Properties" and click the 'configure subsite properties" link, expand the "Caching" section, and then click the Clear Cache button.

    If you then refresh your view of the page that had been missing the menus, they'll be available.

  •  'ShareThis' widget added

    Thursday, Jul. 1, 2010
    A new custom element is available that can be used to include the "ShareThis" widget on any Commonspot page.
  •  Commonspot page properties form changes

    Thursday, Jul. 1, 2010

    Some of the fields have been removed from the form used to create a new page, or edit existing page properties.

  •  Image source files available

    Friday, Jun. 18, 2010
    Photoshop source files are now available for creating subsite banner images and right column widgets.
  •  Profile manager and new elements

    Tuesday, Jun. 15, 2010
    The Profile Manager is now available for adding and editing Commonspot profiles, and the Element Gallery includes two new elements for displaying profiles in a page.
  •  Blog post status options added

    Tuesday, Jun. 8, 2010
    The blog system now includes options for setting a status for individual blog posts. The options are "published", "pending review", and "draft".
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