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  •  Blog post status options added

    Tuesday, Jun. 8, 2010
    The blog system now includes options for setting a status for individual blog posts. The options are "published", "pending review", and "draft".

    The blog system now includes options for setting a status for individual blog posts.  The options are "published", "pending review", and "draft".  The default setting is "published", and that setting will be applied to any content submitted through the "quick post" form.  The "pending review" setting can be used if there are multiple contributors to the blog, and someone needs to review and approve posts before they're published.  The "draft" option can be used for a blog post that you aren't quite ready to publish, but you want to save your work in progress.

    Items with a status other than "published" will not display in the various blog element themes, and will not be included in the blog's RSS feed.

    You will see the item status indicated with a representative icon in the Blog Manager's blog post list.

  •  Profile Transitions in Progress

    Thursday, Jun. 3, 2010

    Site administrators who have used the Profile element have started reviewing proflle content prior to our transition to the new Profile system.  If you haven't yet reviewed your profiles, please visit the Profile Transition page.  This will list any profiles that you can author, and allow you to decide whether to keep or delete each profile.

  •  Captcha control updated

    Thursday, Jun. 3, 2010

    The 'captcha' image control used in many online forms in Commonspot has been updated to enhance accessibility.  The 'recaptcha' system is available to users who aren't able to read the image text.

  •  Update to 'captcha' image in forms

    Tuesday, Apr. 6, 2010

    If you're using the survey, blog, event rsvp, simple form, or other elements that permit users to submit form data, you may notice a change in the appearance of the 'captcha' image - that's the image with random text that we use to ensure that the form is not submitted via an automated process.  The new image and its related validation routine have enhanced security, compared to the original version.

  •  Non-standard characters in image file names

    Thursday, Apr. 1, 2010

    When uploading an image file to Commonspot, try to avoid file names that include characters such as accents, apostrophe, and commas.  Commonspot won't provide a warning about the file name (that should be fixed in the next release), but it will cause problems in the replication process.  If you rename the file on your local system prior to uploading it, removing any non-standard characters, that will avoid the replication problems.

  •  Using filters to select element data

    Wednesday, Mar. 31, 2010

    The Profile element, and a few others in Commonspot, allow you to re-use existing content in other pages by selecting data with a custom filter.  Find out more about using filters to select data for display in this overview and tutorial.

  •  Scheduled Commonspot database outage

    Wednesday, Mar. 24, 2010

    The database server used by Commonspot is scheduled to be upgraded on Thursday morning (3/25/10), beginning at 6 am.  During the upgrade, Commonspot pages that rely on dynamically-generated content from the database will not be displayed.  We expect that the upgrade process will take less than an hour.

  •  Profile Element offline

    Friday, Mar. 19, 2010

    We've removed access to the Profile Element temporarily - this element contributed to the cms server problems we experienced this week.  We will be working with this element early next week, and expect to have access to it restored fairly soon, although it may be a few days.  Please contact Russ or Brian if you have questions or concerns about this change.

  •  Updated: Commonspot replication restored

    Wednesday, Mar. 17, 2010

    We've been able to resolve the Commonspot authoring and replication issues - replication just ran, so anything published on cms between 3:15 yesterday and 2:15 today should now be represented on

  •  Style menu options missing in Firefox

    Friday, Mar. 5, 2010

    The text formatting options normally available in the Commonspot text editor's Style menu are missing if you're using Firefox - they do appear for IE8.  A set of patches released today by Paperthin fixes this problem - we've installed those on the development server, and will schedule these to be applied on the cms server on Monday, 3/8.

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