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  •  Labor Day Weekend Replication Schedule

    Friday, Sep. 1, 2006
    Replication will be running on an abbreviated schedule over the holiday weekend. It's scheduled to run at 7:15 am, 1:15pm and 5:15pm. We have experienced numerous replication errors during the week, and by going to a more compact schedule, we will minimize the possibility of a failed replication disabling the SCU Web site during off-peak hours, and during a time when server administrative support is not readily available. We are working with developers at Paperthin to resolve the recurring problems with replication.
  •  Blog Custom Elements

    Thursday, Jul. 27, 2006
    Following some testing and modifications to the redesigned blog custom element, we've added documentation of the Blog and Blog Feature elements to the Web Publishing site.
  •  Replication schedule status

    Wednesday, Jul. 5, 2006
    Following a replication error this afternoon, we have turned off the regularly scheduled replication cycle. A site-wide database error was introduced in the 1:15pm replication, and we will need to identify and correct the cause of the error before replication runs again. We anticipate having replication restored by late Thursday morning.
  •  Replication Status Page

    Thursday, Jun. 1, 2006

    A new replication status page has been created that allows you to see the real time status of the Commonspot replication process. The status page can be found at:

    The status page will indicate whether replication is in progress, if any errors were experienced recently, or when the last successful replication ran.

    Replication is the automated process that copies content from the authoring (cms) server to the production (www) servers. Included in the status page is an in depth explanation of replication and the server setup, as well as some troubleshooting tips and how to know when to expect your content to replicate.

  •  Profile Element Feature

    Tuesday, May. 2, 2006
    A new rendering option has been added to the Profile element; you can now display a profile as a content well feature. The original full profile, summary profile, and right column feature options are also available.
  •  Commonspot Service Pack Installation

    Friday, Feb. 10, 2006
    We're planning on installing the Commonspot 4.6 Service Pack 1 release on Monday, 2/13. The installation will require that we disable authoring access to the cms server for an hour or so, and stop the automated content replication process from cms to www while the servers are being updated.
  •  Commonspot Content Synchronized

    Friday, Feb. 3, 2006
    Commonspot content published following the last automated replication on Thursday, 2/2, has been manually copied to the production servers.
  •  What's New

    Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2006
    The Webpublishing team has created a new RSS feed to the "What's New" page. When submitting content for publication, check the "What's New" checkbox for any new content that may be relevant to all site administrators (calendar updates, student/faculty profiles, etc.). This will give everyone more linking opportunities and information about updated content.
  •  Commonspot Replication Schedule Updated

    Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2006
    We have returned to the regularly scheduled content replication schedule for Commonspot. Content changes on the cms server will be copied to the www production servers on an automated schedule, at 2-hour intervals.
  •  Commonspot Replication Schedule Changes

    Thursday, Dec. 22, 2005
    The Commonspot replication cycle has been changed to twice a day (7:30 am and pm) for the duration of the holiday break.
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