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  •  Template Updates

    Tuesday, Mar. 22, 2005
    The homepage and base template CMS files were updated to incorporate the new SCU logo and tagline.  Along with the logo change, the templates were redesigned to include a revised main navigation element; the "for, about, find" menus at the top of the base template include all of the audience, subject, and utility navigation menus represented on the home page in a compact form.  The templates and style sheets are now based on the XHTML document type, resulting in more consistent display in current Web browsers on a variety of systems.  Read and discuss the template updates on the Web Publishing Discussion page. 
  •  Weather Element

    Friday, Mar. 4, 2005
    A new Right Column element has been added to the Commonspot element gallery; this element displays the current weather at Santa Clara, from an XML feed provided by the National Weather Service.  The weather data is updated every hour.
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