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  •  Phonebook Updates

    Thursday, Jun. 1, 2006
    The online version of the SCU Phonebook has been updated to include a new login method, and the ability to supplement individual's contact information with a profile description and image. Access to the "on-campus" view of the Phonebook, including direct phone and email contact information, is now available from off-campus for viewers with a valid SCU Groupwise username and password. For Faculty and Staff who are listed in the Phonebook, the Groupwise login will provide access to the phone and email display preferences update forms, and personal profile text and image update form.
  •  Web Server Statistics Updated

    Friday, May. 19, 2006
    The SCU statistics for the month of May have been re-generated, to include data from the new production Web server. We had been under-reporting requests by one-third for the first two weeks of May.
  •  Google Analytics and Web Privacy Statement

    Wednesday, May. 17, 2006
    We are testing a new service, Google Analytics, on the SCU home page and several pages at the top-tier of the SCU site. The Google Analytics system collects user data, including the network location of the client, browser and system settings, and transfers this information to servers. We have included a link to a Privacy Statement on the SCU home page that describes how Google protects the information they collect.
  •  Events & Conferences RSS Feed

    Wednesday, Mar. 1, 2006
    A new RSS feed has been created for Web related events, conferences, teleseminars, etc. Subscribe to the feed if you are interested in receiving information about upcoming events.
  •  SCU Search System

    Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2006
    The SCU web site search system has been changed to allow a single search to return results across several categories.
  •  Survey Request Form

    Thursday, Jun. 23, 2005
    A form is now available for Commonspot users to submit a request for an online survey to the Web Publishing team in OCM and Media Services.  You can send us a request that includes your proposed survey URL, introductory and submitted survey text, available dates for the survey, and a list of survey questions and responses (as an attached file).  Typically, an online survey can be produced in 2-5 business days.
  •  Support Requests

    Thursday, May. 26, 2005

    An online form is now available for Web Publishing support requests.  The form can be used to submit a request for help with Commonspot, developing site content, reporting Web site errors, or any other Web development issues.  The requests will be reviewed daily (Monday through Friday) by the SCU Web site's support staff in the Office of Communications and Marketing and Media Services.

  •  Campus Slideshow & University Webcams

    Tuesday, Apr. 19, 2005
    The new virtual tour has been implemented and offers prospective students and visitors a more vivid view of SCU's campus.
  •  Discussion Board

    Monday, Feb. 14, 2005

    Post your comments and feedback in the Web Publishing message board.

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