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  •  Global Navigation in the Base Template

    Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2006
    You may notice that the For/About/Find links at the top of each page built with the Commonspot base template is now hidden. From user testing and site feedback, we've determined that this navigation component was not serving its intended purpose.
  •  Font Size Change

    Tuesday, Sep. 26, 2006
    A new element has been added to Commonspot that will allow users to change the font size of text on an individual page. The element presents a range of four font sizes - the default size is the second option in the list, so users can either reduce the size by one step, or increase the size by one or two steps. If you expect that your site's audience would prefer to have an option readily available to modify the font size, this element makes that task a bit simpler than changing the size through Web brower settings.
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