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  •  Firefox 3 Released

    Tuesday, Jun. 17, 2008
    Firefox version 3 has just been released, and is available to download.

    Firefox version 3 has just been released, and is available to download.  We've been testing early releases of this browser with Commonspot, and haven't encountered any problems specific to the new version.  Although Paperthin (the Commonspot vendor) hasn't officially certified Firefox 3 for Commonspot, it's been working fine in our tests.

  •  Firefox 3 beta and Commonspot

    Monday, Mar. 24, 2008
    A new version of Firefox is now available in a beta release.  We've noticed a few issues in our initial tests using this Web browser and Commonspot.  The most noticeable impact on ease-of-use is that new browser windows are often not resized and positioned in standard forms.  For example, opening an editing window for a text block won't position the new window above the main view. The default settings for handling window opening and resizing can be modified through the Tools > Options > Content > Enable Javascript (advanced) options.
  •  Internet Explorer 7 and Commonspot

    Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2006

    In our initial testing, it appears that Internet Explorer 7 hasn't introduced any functional problems for Commonspot CMS users.  There are some differences in the way that IE7 handles CSS style sheets and Javascript, and since Commonspot's editing and display relies on both of these technologies, you'll probably encounter some unexpected results if you've upgraded your Internet Explorer browser to version 7.

    Peoplesoft and Angel CMS users should delay upgrading to IE7 until both systems are certified for the new version.

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