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  •  Summary text in Event Calendar submissions

    Friday, Oct. 30, 2009

    When submitting an event to the Campus Event Calendar system, you'll notice a new "summary" field in the event entry form.  The summary text will be used in the RSS feed generated for the event calendar, instead of the full event description text.

  •  Google Calendar

    Thursday, May. 15, 2008
    You can embed a Google Calendar in a Commonspot page using the Simple Text Block element.  Copy the Google Calendar HTML code into this element's text form, and your calendar content will be displayed.
  •  Campus Calendar and Tags

    Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2008
    The Campus Calendar has been updated to include a mechanism to create a list of tags, and associate tags with individual events. A custom calendar can then be configured, selecting events with a particular tag. More detail on this feature can be found in the Campus Calendar's Help section.
  •  Event Calendar iCalendar Export

    Friday, Jan. 12, 2007
    The campus event calendar now includes the ability to export event data in iCalendar (ics) format, enabling viewers to import the event data to a wide variety of calendar applications. The ICalendar standard format is supported by Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Lotus Notes, Apple iCal, and others. A notable exception is Groupwise, however. Look for the "ICAL" icon below an event summary or detail display in the SCU Campus Event Calendar.
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