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Commonspot Elements

How to set Custom Script Parameters

Several of the elements available to CommonSpot users use custom ColdFusion scripts, which accept modifications for specific uses.

As an example, the Class Schedule element can display classes for a specific subject or term, but only if these parameters are set when the element is added to a page.

After inserting the element, the default content will be displayed. To modify the content, you will need to click on the "edit properties" icon:

Edit Custom ColdFusion Element Properties

The Properties window includes two tabs; click on the Parameters tab to enter settings for your content:

Custom ColdFusion Element Parameters

Modifying these settings will cause the content to be redisplayed, using the Class Schedule data selection criteria you have specified.


There are a couple of system-related issues to be aware of when working with script parameters.  If you're working with an element that allows many optional parameters, or if you're supplying a parameter value with a long string of text, you might exceed the length of text permitted in the parameters form.  If you're updating parameters and the settings aren't being saved, that's likely due to the size being exceeded.  Sometimes you can get past this be reducing the number of parameters being set, or abbreviating the text you're entering.

The parameter form will also remove some common text characters that can introduce problems within the application - one of those would be the single-quote or apostrophe character.  A workaround for this is to replace the ' character with the XML character reference for a single quote - & rsquo;

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