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Content Well: Class Schedule

The class schedule element accepts 5 parameters to control the content displayed; 1 is required, and 4 are optional. If you provide values for the optional parameters, they will over-ride the default settings:


  • subject(s) - Comma-separated list of subject abbreviations used in PeopleSoft


  • year (defaults to the current academic year)
  • quarter (defaults to the current quarter)
  • career (defaults to "all", can be limited to "GRAD" or "UGRD" classes)
  • catalog_num (a comma-separated list of one or more course catalog numbers. This parameter should be used with a single subject only.)
  • availability ("no" will suppress the display of seats available in a specific class)
  • heading (enter "heading=" if you don't want the term and year displayed, or you can supply alternate heading text here)
  • subheading (enter "subheading=" if you don't want the default "Search Results" text displayed, or you can supply alternate text here)
  • description ("yes" will display the course description text in the detailed view - default setting is "no")
  • style (default is "bluetable"; any other valid table style class will apply, or you can remove the style by entering "style=")

In this example the following parameters were provided:


Custom parameters for Year and Quarter were not provided - the element will display results for the current academic term.

Winter 2014

Search Results
40 classes found.    Displaying matches 21 - 40.
Course Number Title Days/Times Instructor
HIST 139 95505 Special Topics in Euro Hist - TBA
HIST 140S 94614 African Lives:The Atlantic Era W 04:45 PM-07:45 PM Odamtten,Harry N
HIST 147B 94448 Modern China: 1600s to Present MWF 09:15 AM-10:20 AM Mariani SJ,Paul Philip
HIST 153 93495 Civl Rghts/Anti-Colnial Mvmnts TR 12:10 PM-01:50 PM Hazard,Anthony Q
HIST 161 93488 Modern Mexico TR 02:00 PM-03:40 PM Chacon,Ramon D
HIST 162 94449 Argentina MWF 10:30 AM-11:35 AM Liebscher SJ,Arthur F
HIST 177 94450 Gay/Lesbians in U.S. History MWF 09:15 AM-10:20 AM Unger,Nancy C
HIST 185 94451 African Amrcns in Postwar Film F 11:45 AM-03:00 PM Hazard,Anthony Q
HIST 188S 94452 Making Mod US: Progressive Era W 04:45 PM-07:45 PM Unger,Nancy C
HIST 197S 94453 Capstone Seminar W 06:00 PM-09:00 PM Molony,Barbara A
HIST 197S 95283 Capstone Seminar - Chacon,Ramon D
HIST 197S 95136 Capstone Seminar - Andrews,Naomi J
HIST 197S 95137 Capstone Seminar - Charaus,Brigitte M
HIST 197S 95141 Capstone Seminar - Randall,Amy E
HIST 197S 95142 Capstone Seminar - Senkewicz,Robert M
HIST 197S 95140 Capstone Seminar - Newsom Kerr,Matthew L.
HIST 197S 95143 Capstone Seminar - Skinner,David
HIST 197S 95144 Capstone Seminar - Unger,Nancy C
HIST 197S 95138 Capstone Seminar - Conedera SJ,Sam Zeno
HIST 197S 95139 Capstone Seminar - Hazard,Anthony Q

Custom Parameters

Class schedule data
Setting year and quarter parameters

The data available for display in the Class Schedule element is drawn from the PeopleSoft system.  This data is organized by term; the academic term field in PeopleSoft is composed of a pair of two-digit values; year and quarter.

A guide to using PeopleSoft academic year and quarter values when selecting data:


  • 36 = 2014-2015
  • 37 = 2015-2016
  • 38 = 2016-2017


  • 00 = Fall
  • 20 = Winter
  • 40 = Spring
  • 60 = Summer

The data available for display is limited to terms with active registration periods; you can reliably use the previous and current terms, but forthcoming term data will not be available until registration appointments are scheduled and data is entered in PeopleSoft.

Display  Schedule Detail for a Specific Class

If you enter the class number as a parameter, the element will display the class schedule detail.  The "availability" and "description" parameters can also be applied in the schedule detail display.



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