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Content Well: Related Links

This element applies special display formatting to a CommonSpot "linkbar" element. The list of links is formatted in a table; linkbar items with a "no link" action setting are displayed as headings within the table, and linkbar items with an external URL are displayed in two columns; the item header with the standard right-arrow icon used throughout the site to indicate a link, and the URL associated with the header.

Here's an example; in this case, the header "For more information" was entered with a "no link" action setting - this causes the text to be displayed in bold font face spanning two columns in the table.

Note: When entering related link URLs, it is recommended that the "external url" field be used, and that the full URL (beginning with "http") is referenced.  The CommonSpot page gallery links will not include the server name, which would limit the usefulness of the link references if the page content is printed or the site migrates to a new server.
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