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Display a schedule of office hours or building hours of operation

Display hours of operation for an SCU office or service point, a location, or office hours for an individual.  If you don't have an hours schedule, you can create one using the Hours Manager system.  Once you have your schedule dates and times set, you can display the schedule in a Commonspot page using the Hours Schedule custom elements for the Content Well or Right Column.

Both of the custom elements require a schedule, organization, or location ID for the schedule display.  You can find the IDs for your schedule through the "information" link in the Hours Manager.  The IDs are provided to the element as custom script parameters, as in these examples:

sched=2 (the ID for an hours schedule)

org=88 (the ID for an organization with one or more schedules)

loc=144 (the ID for a location with one or more organizations or schedules)

person=jsmith (an SCU ID)

In the Content Well example above, we're supplying a schedule ID for the Media Services Front Desk schedule, and we're setting the optional "week" parameter to "5", which will display the week as Monday through Friday, instead of Sunday through Saturday (the default display).  An additional optional parameter, "label", can be supplied to include a heading label above the schedule's calendar.

No shedule found.
The right column element can display the same schedule IDs as allowed in the Content Well, and also accepts some optional parameters; "label" will change the default text at the top of the feature block, and "color" will change the background color behind the label.  Color options are red, gold, beige, or gray.  If you are selecting multiple schedules for a location or organization, you may want to hide the display of the schedule heading.  The optional parameter is "showHeading=no".  And you can modify the right column to display just the current day by setting the "week" parameter to "1". The parameter set in the example above are:
  • loc=144
  • org=124
  • label=University Library Hours
  • color=gold
  • week=1
  • showheading=no
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