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Right Column Elements

CommonSpot Elements

Right Column Elements

Apply Online

This element includes a menu of links to online admissions applications. By default, the menu will display the undergraduate application option, but you can preselect one of the graduate applications by supplying a custom parameter named "app".

In this example, the parameter "app=business" has been supplied.

Apply Online

Menu includes links to the Center of Performing Arts, de Saisset Museum, and Art & Art History Department Web sites.

The menu option can be pre-selected by adding a custom "site" parameter; the options are "cpa","desaisset", and "art".  In this example, the following parameter has been supplied:


Bronco Scores

Menu of links to schedules and results for Bronco athletics teams.

Broncos Scores
Campus Tour Reservation

Link to sign up for a Campus tour.

Sign up for a Campus Tour
Calendar Search

Includes a form that will submit a keyword search to the Campus Event Calendar, and a calendar for searching by date.

This element would typically be used on a page that includes the Event Summary and Detail element for the Content Well.

Directions and Map

Get driving directions to SCU using Google Maps.  This element has four optional parameters:

start= (starting address; default is 'enter your address' text)
destination= (ending address; default is SCU's street address)
title= (heading text; default is 'Coming to campus?')
message= (additional text; default is 'Get driving directions from Google Maps.)

Coming to campus?

Get driving directions from Google Maps.


Using this element, you can include your own text and images in the right column.  This content should be either related to the primary page content, or relevant to your site, if it is featured in this way.  This element is intended for pages below the top levels of the site, where the marketing right column elements would not be used.

Title (heading 5)

small placeholder image

Subtitle (heading 6)

By default, the right column feature uses yellow background and border color settings. To change the color format to teal or blue, switch to Author mode and right-click in each table cell. Select "cell properties", and modify the Style Class settings. Select or upload a new image using the Image Gallery, or delete the placeholder image.

Add link to related content, if available Go

Giving to SCU

Links to the online giving Web site.

Giving to SCU

Displays headlines and links for the two most recently published press releases.

Headlines Search

This element includes a form that submits a keyword search to the Press Release archive. It would normally be used in the right column of a press release summary or full display. 


iTunes U

Links to Santa Clara University's publicly-accessible content in iTunes U. This element can accept a url that refers to specific content category in SCU's iTunes U store.


This element includes a menu of sites for SCU students, faculty, and staff that require an id and password for access to content.  This element is best-suited to pages or sites that present content primarily for an internal SCU audience.

Music at Noon

This image links to a list of upcoming events in the Music at Noon series. 

Music at Noon
Online Community

This image links to the AlumniConnections Web site, which includes content for registered SCU alumni.

Online Community
PDF Files

This element can be used on pages that include links to PDF files, so that users without PDF-viewing software installed can easily find the Adobe Acrobat download site.

Viewing PDF Files

Adobe Reader is required to view PDF documents.

The Adobe Reader application is available from the Adobe Web site.

Press Release Feature

Include the content of an SCU Press Release as featured content in the right column.  This element requires two parameters, "month" and "story".  The values for these parameters can be found in the URL of the press release accessible from the SCU News site.

First, browse to the press release ( that you want to include in your page, and copy the URL of the page from your Web browser's address field:

Then add the Press Release Feature element (in the Right Column element list) to your page, and supply the following parameters:


School of Law is among top 100 in country
Law school student body is among the top five most diverse
<p>SCU law school dean Donald Polden.</p>

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- April 2, 2004 -- Santa Clara University’s School of Law was again named one of the top 100 law schools in the country by U. S. News & World Report. The annual graduate school ranking also ranked the law school as one of the five most diverse programs in the country.

Read the full story Go

Profile Element

Use the profile element to select and display profile data created elsewhere on the SCU site.  The right column element will include the name, image (if available), short description, and link to the full profile page where the element data was created.

Note: You will find the Profile element in the Content Well category in the element gallery. Please read the Profile Element guide for more information.

No Profiles found
Prospective Students

Links to the prospective students pages. 

Find out everything you need to know about learning and living at SCU.
Prospective Student Inquiry

Presents a menu of links to online inquiry forms.  Pre-select one of the graduate school forms by supplying a custom "school" parameter.  The options are, business, counseling, education, engineering, and law. (The undergraduate inquiry form is selected by default.)

Considering SCU
Residential Learning Communities

Links to the RLC Web site.

Residential Learning Communities
Santa Clara Magazine

Links to the current issue of Santa Clara Magazine. 

Santa Clara Magazine

Links to the main login page for SCUConnect, the inquiry form and customized home page for prospective students.

Site Search

Displays a search form that submits a keyword query to the Google University Search index, limiting results to a specified SCU site.

This element accepts three parameters, one is required in order to limit the search results:

  • inurl (required) - the URL of a specific SCU site
  • site - the name of the site (displays in the element heading)
  • intro - text that displays in the element body (default is "Search by keyword")

Parameters set in the example are: ", site=Headlines, intro=Press release archive".

Upcoming Events

Lists the next three events from the Campus Event Calendar. The event listing can be modified by supplying custom selection parameters; this example selects the next two Arts and Sciences events by applying "parent=2,return=2" parameters.

Events for different organizations can be combined by supplying a comma-separated list of org or parent ID parameters. (e.g. org=53,3)

Additional optional parameters include "display" (public, private, or all - default is public), series (id number), and url (to change the event detail display url from the campus event calendar to an alternate page).

Upcoming Events
Campus Slideshow

Links to an online photo gallery. The text and link url can be changed; supply "intro=[text]", "linktext=[text]", or tourUrl=[url] as a custom Coldfusion parameter.

Campus Slideshow
Visitor Information

Displays links to resources for visitors to the SCU campus.


Current weather at Santa Clara.  National Weather Service data is updated hourly. 

SCU Weather
Mostly Cloudy

49.0º F (9.4º C)

Mostly Cloudy
  • Humidity:
  • Wind:
    North at 0 mph

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