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Using the Schedule/Personalize Element

The "Schedule/Personalize" element, found in the Miscellaneous category, is a container for one or more elements that can be scheduled to be displayed or hidden based on various conditions.  You could use this element to schedule a block of content to be displayed or hidden on a specific day or time, or add content to a template and configure it to be displayed only on specific subsites, among other options.

Two things to consider before you begin; what kind of content will be included, and what scheduling criteria will apply to the content display.  In our example we'll define two elements, both using the text editor; Open Hours and Closed Hours. We've decided that we want to display different text on our hours page based on the time of day and the day of the week, so we'll need two text blocks with open/closed content, and schedule criteria for the days and times of day.  You'll start by defining the elements in the schedule container:

Add the Schedule/Personalize element to your page or template.  Open the schedule/personalize menu and then click Elements.  Enter a short, descriptive name for each element, and then select the appropriate element from the list (look for 'formatted text block (no header)' for the standard text editor).

Next, we'll add content to the two elements.  By default, the first of the two elements (Open Hours) will be displayed.  We can go ahead and add content to that text element.  If you open the schedule/personalize menu and click Elements, you can click the view icon next to Closed Hours to access that for editing.  Once we've added content to both elements, we can proceed with adding the scheduling criteria.

Open the schedule/personalize menu and click Criteria, then open the menu for the Open Hours element.  This is where things can get a bit tricky; the schedule element will always display the first thing it finds in the list that satisfies the scheduled criteria, so you'll want to start with very specific criteria, and move to more general settings.  In this example, we'll apply criteria to the Open Hours content block first, because more conditions apply here; we're only open 5 days a week, between 8 and 5pm on those days. Then we'll add criteria for the Closed Hours block; we want that to display on Saturdays and Sundays at any time of day, and on weekdays between midnight and 8am and 5pm to midnight.  So we'll have to add 3 separate criteria to handle those conditions.

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