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SCU Login Required

This element enables authentication for an individual page, template-based pages, or subsites including template-based pages using an SCU ID and password (also called the Novell login). There are a few custom parameters available for this element:

  • Individual Users: you can enter the Novell ID for individual users, or select from a list of names if you're not sure of the ID.
  • Groups: you can create custom groups of users in the Group Manager system, and use a group name here.
  • Role Group: this category includes students, faculty, and staff
  • Department: this will select all users within a particular SCU department (as defined by the faculty/staff listing in the SCU Phonebook).
  • Welcome bar: You can opt to show a 'welcome, {name}' and logout link on the access-controlled page.

You'll find this element in the Miscellaneous element gallery category.

One note of caution regarding applying this access control; the servers are available to any request from the Internet, and should not be considered to be "intranet" servers.  Due to the open access required for these public systems, they're not appropriate hosts for sensitive data such as personnel or financial records.

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