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Content Expiration and Freshness Reminders 

Keeping content on your website updated contributes to a positive Web experience for your visitors. If a Web visitor encounters outdated information or old dates on your Web site they often conclude that the entire site is not being maintained.

There are two differnt commonspot features that help you keep your content timely.

1.  Using the content freshness and expiration reminder (described below).
2.  Using the scheduled element.  A separate guide explains this element.

The content freshness and expiration settings are set on a page-by-page basis and can be defined when you create a page.  The settings are displayed at the bottom of the page creation window.  You can also change these settings after a page has been completed by selecting "Content Expiration..." from the Page & Template Management Icon menu page management icon while in author mode.

Two items can be configured:

  • Expiration - Choose a way to make content unavailable, or give notice that it is likely out of date.
     If selected, choose the date when the content should expire.  Then pick one of the selected methods for expirtation:
    1. Give a warning.  Type in a message to be displayed for users when they access the page after the expiration data.
    2. Block access to users who do not have a login to view the page
    3. Block access to everyone but the page creator
    4. Redirect visitors to another page.  For example, a page for an event in July could expire and redirect users back to the department events home page.
  • Freshness Reminder - A freshness reminder will show up to give you notice about the page based on the time or event that you specify.
    1. Remind on a specific date.  Starting on the date specified, a freshness reminder will be displayed for the page owner when logging in to commonspot
    2. Remind (X) days before expiration.  You specify the number of days prior to expiration to start getting the freshness reminder
    3. Remind (X) days after content review or change.  You specify how many days since the last login to the page



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