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New features in the Rich Text Editor

The rich text editor element in Commonspot 5 includes some interface changes, and a few new features.

  • HTML View:  The most notable change here is the absence of the "html" tab used in the original editor.  Use the W/H icon in the toolbar to switch between formatted and HTML source views.
  • Word Cleanup: A toolbar icon (eraser/W) is available to clean up any extra markup in content copied from Word, remove inline styles and classes, and other non-standard markup.
  • Property Inspector: Just below the text input area you will see a row of HTML tags - the tag containing the cursor will be highlighted.  You can use the property inspector to select a tag, such as a paragraph or heading, and apply CSS styles to the selected content, change the element to a different type, add an ID to the tag, remove assigned classes, or remove the tag.
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