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HTML Email Manager

Commonspot users with HTML Email group membership can use Commonspot to compose email message content formatted to display uniformly in a variety of email clients, and send the message to an email list address.

If you'd like to be added to the HTML Email Manager group in Commonspot, use the support request form.

  • 1Create a new page using the HTML Email template

    This template can be found in the Simple Layout Templates category.  If you have already created pages using this template, you can find them listed here.

  • 2Set Contact information, Social Media, and other Web links

    This information is set in a metadata form attached to the page.

  • 3Add elements to the page from the HTML Email element gallery

    These elements are based on the Email Style Guide, and are formatted to display styles correctly when displayed in popular email clients.

    View a sample page that uses all of the elements.

    If you plan on using the same elements in each email you send, at this point you could save as template. If your email will use different elements each time, you can save at Step 2.

  • 4Send the message

    An online form is available to send your message content to a short list of email addresses.

    Before you send the note to your list, send a test to yourself - it'll give you an idea of how your email will look in the wild.

    If you're sending to Faculty and Staff, use the following list addresses:
    If you have access to the restricted 'essential' lists, use these list addresses:

    Check the Email Tracking Beacon page for views if you added a unique identifier to your email.

  • 5Export HTML for use in premium email marketing services

    Once you've filled in the online form and hit submit, you'll have a chance to either send the note or export the HTML. Copy and paste the code into your web application.


And something new - messages sent through the new form will include a 'tracking beacon' image that will record how many message recipients opened the email message.  We can only count the 'opens' that are viewed in HTML format with images enabled, but this will closely approximate how many of your intended recipients opened the email message.

If you've sent messages (since Jan. 16, 2011) using the new form, you should find tracking data here.

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