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Support for Web publishing at Santa Clara University is provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications, Information Services, the Webmaster and Web Applications Developer in the Media Services department, and system and network administrators in the Information Technology department.

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Web Publishing News

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Printer Friendly view and print

The base template style sheet has been updated to include formatting optimized for print. The style sheet removes the header, navigation and footer sections of the page content, and appends URL paths to any link text. When selecting File > Print in your web browser, this style sheet will be applied.

For pages that had used the original version of the "Printer Friendly" element, that now will open the browser's print dialog window and apply the new print style sheet.

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Link Style Change

The font style and color have changed for text links in SCU Web sites.  Previously, links were formatted in bold text with a beige color.  We'd received lots of feedback about that style - many people found it difficult to identify links within blocks of text, due to the lack of an underline below the text, and similar color values for standard and linked text.  In this style update, links are displayed in red with a dotted-line underline in paragraph text blocks.  Links within lists are displayed in red without the underline style, and links within feature elements and the right column elements are displayed in the original style.

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SCU home page and base template changes

The "SCU Experience" presentation is now live on the SCU home page - each of the core attributes contains two features, including video and image slideshows.  The base template has also been modified - the university seal has taken the place of the mission icon in the image at the top of each page.

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Secondary Navigation Options
Two options are available for including a secondary navigation menu in a Commonspot page or template. A left-column navigation option has been added. Read More »
Table Display Options
Tables can be displayed in a variety of ways by modifying border settings, applying a style class, or using a custom script to add background colors to table rows. Read More »
Managing space between elements
When multiple elements are added to the center or right columns of a page, display problems can result from the default positioning of the element content. A style setting is available to help with this issue. Read More »
E-mail Form Display Options
The E-mail Contact Form custom element has been updated to allow the "featured content" presentation to be applied. By adding script parameters for a background color for the top of the featured block, and an optional label to use as a heading, any form created using this element can use this formatting. Read More »
Content Width and Display Issues
In the new site design, the page layout uses a fixed width.  The previous design had a fluid layout for the center column, and so content of any width could be included without causing display problems (aside from visibility in smaller monitor resolutions).  In the new design, content that exceeds the fixed with in the left, center, or right columns can cause display problems.  This is most pronounced in Internet Explorer 6, where right column content can be displayed below the center column, if the fixed width has been exceeded.  The widths for each column are:

left column: 170px
center column: 420px
right column: 160px

If the right column is not displayed, the content area of the page can use up to 599px of horizontal space.

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Transitioning to the new design
Resources are available for SCU Web publishers, and others with an interest in the SCU Web site redesign project, in the Web Publishing site's Design section. Read More »
Image placement options

An image inserted into the Rich Text Editor will not have any margin or alignment applied to it, by default.  If you want your image to be aligned to the left or right side, or want the image and any text that flows around it to be separated by a margin, use one of three new styles added to the Rich Text Editor's menu.

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