Santa Clara University


Information Architecture revision

User testing of the SCU site revealed that the navigation structure for the site introduced usability barriers. The "information for" and "information about" navigation menus established on the SCU home page were not interpreted as audience (for) and subject (about) categories. And these global navigation menus were not clearly represented on pages below the level of the home page.

A revision of the site structure began in the Fall of 2006 with a review of global navigation best practices on other university sites, workshops with the major SCU constituent groups, analysis of top sites and pages as reflected in the SCU site statistics reports, and the results of multiple card sorting exercises. The information gathered through these processes is being used to for a new site information architecture, reflected in this site map.

Technical Standards

The Web site design will be guided by accessibility and markup standards, as well as data collected from current users' browser settings.

  • Accessibility - the site's templates will be designed to be in compliance with accessibility standards, based on the W3C's WCAG priority 1 checkpoints.
  • XHTML and CSS - the site will utilize the XHTML Transitional document type and CSS for layout and presentation to improve consistent display in standards-compliant browsers, and aid in interoperability with Web-enabled devices.
  • Web Design Parameters - information collected through Web analytics tools about client software will guide decisions related to layout, color, page weight, and the use of Flash and Java.

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