Santa Clara University

Planning for the redesign

Planning for the redesign began with a proposed timeline for developing a revised site information architecture. From this outline, the scope of the redesign project emerged. A process of information gathering started in Fall 2006, beginning with large group meetings to introduce the redesign project to the campus and gather feedback about desired outcomes from publishers and content owners, and moving to card-sorting exercises as a method of refining the site architecture.

In December 2006, an RFP was developed to invite bids from Web design firms to develop a new home page, top level navigation pages, and additional templates for the SCU site. The RFP was distributed in early January 2007, with a response deadline of January 31.

Design presentations are scheduled for the month of February, with the selection of a design firm anticipated by March. The designer will produce initial paper or simple Web prototypes in order to test the revised information architecture and navigation. This design cycle will eventually move to more advanced prototypes that include a new layout and presentation for the home page, top level pages, and subsite home pages.

The design will be evaluated through user testing from various internal and external audiences, and the results will be compared with user testing data collected from the current SCU site.

Planning Documents
Current Web production guidelines
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