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Santa Clara University

2013 Site Adminstrators Meetings and Open Labs

February 20, 2013 SAM Recap



Jefferson Dela Cruz, Mitch Grieb, Juanita DePitro, Aaron Ho, David Machado, Marquita Coe, Heidi Williams, Nora Jamison-Danko, Janice Semonsi, Cara Uy, Anne McMahon, Susan Peters, Teri Escobar-Ochoa, Marc Ramos, David Dawson, Donna Perry, Hayley Redburn, Ali Reimer, Jen Ferrari, Nancy Cutler, Matt Simpson, Jerry Aquino, Bob Henry, Marika Krause, Clay Hamilton, Brian Washburn, Christine Garvale, Russ Morris.

- Download agenda (63K PDF)

Bob Henry, SCU's Chief Information Security Officer

Information Security Office

Bob Henry, SCU's new Chief Information Security Officer, gave a short presentation on Information Security, his role here at SCU, plans for the future, and starting from scratch with a new organization.

Bob has a Trivia Contest going - check out the blog post on his site to enter.

You can learn more about Bob on his site, as well.


Commonspot Updates

Commonspot Replication - the schedule has changed... it now starts at 5am and ends at midnight, running every 15 minutes.

Coldfusion Application Server Upgrade - An upgrade is planned for next Tuesday (2/26) morning (early). CS authoring will be offline for about 30 minutes while is being upgraded, and replication will be interrupted while the application server is upgrading on the three www servers. The www site will remain accessible throughout this upgrade.

Firefox ESR Update - we received an alert from Paperthin that people running Firefox 10 ESR will see it automatically update to FF 17 ESR today. I've added a note about this with links to the Mac/Win FF 10 ESR installation files if people want to roll back to FF 10 ESR. The upgraded version hasn't been vetted for compliance with Commonspot authoring. So far I haven't noticed any problems with FF 17 ESR, in limited testing.

Blog Enhancement - the text editor now supports Wordpress-style shortcodes for YouTube and Vimeo. An easier way to embed video in the blog post's text block.

And as usual, get the latest info by checking out the Web Publishing Blog.


Sending HTML Emails with Gmail - Super Easy. Create your HTML email in Commonspot. Wait for it to replicate. Go to the www version in Chrome. Click in the window and select all, copy. Open Gmail. Click 'Compose' and place the cursor in the body of the note and paste. Add appropriate subject. Send yourself a test before you send the blast to whatever list you use. Really. Tests are free. Do it!!!

DIY Commonspot Cache Clearing - I created a redirect for the original URL Brian shared last month. Requires Commonspot login:

Level 3 Homepage Blog Feature Grid - Brian has created a blog configuration that looks like the Level 3 grid Tabular Layout I've been using over the past year or so - this is a much more adaptive solution and I recommend making the change. If you need help getting started, let me know.

Creating Custom Campaign URLs in Google Analytics - Redirects aren't trackable in Google Analytics. There is a GA tool for creating a custom trackable URL that we can then redirect. Here are two links that explain (as only Google can) how this works:

- Custom Campaigns

- URL Builder

I've deciphered how this is accomplished, and although it's fairly simple, if you need guidance please get in touch. and Mobile/Tablet Support - The latest from is that they've made their embed code work on mobile devides and tablets. I've tested on an iPhone and iPad - works great! I recommend that you re-embed your PDFs. The process isn't any different but if you need help, let me know.

Charles Lewis, the SEO Rapper

Cool Stuff

If you see anything out on the interwebs that absolutely must be shared with the group, please email me the URL and I'll add it to the next agenda!

- Charles Lewis, The SEO Rapper
- Origrami, Instagram Prints : Article | Website
- Bad Lip Reading – the NFL
- Google Glass