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Santa Clara University

2013 Site Adminstrators Meetings and Open Labs

March 20, 2013 SAM Recap



Jefferson Dela Cruz, Mitch Grieb, David Machado, Heidi Williams, Anne McMahon, Teri Escobar-Ochoa, Marc Ramos, David Dawson, Donna Perry, Jen Ferrari, Sam Prassad, Sandy Boyer, Lori Johnson, Jenna Tucker, Patrick Dutcher, Liz Fullerton, Warren Hallila, Rob Boyd, Beverly Nuako, Lindsey Cromwell Kalkbrenner, Matt Smith, Megan France, Brian Washburn, Christine Garvale, Russ Morris.

- Download agenda (74K PDF)

Web Assessment Survey Results

After introductions/projects, Brian started off the meeting by sharing the results of the Web Assessment survey. I made the doc accessible to the SAM list. Brian showed us the numbers in a very clean and easy to read summary format - you can do the same... in Google Apps go to: Drive > Shared with me > SCU Web Assessment Results > Form (48) > Show Summary of Responses.


SCU Web - Making better use of Google Apps

The conversation began with a few of the SAs sharing how they've been using Google Apps before and after the transition. Brian asked if any folks had started using Sites and noted that 50% of the respondents to the Web Assessment survey indicated that content intended for internal use was between 75-100%.

One known instance of Sites being used was shared by Donna Perry... CLASP.

A few folks volunteered that they're using personal Gmail accounts for embedding Google calendars in Commonspot pages to get around the SCU policy of blocking calendar entries.

Teri Escobar shared a suggestion form on the Going Google site and mentioned that thoughtful requests about changing that policy could be sent to the Google Business Practices Advisory Committee using that form.

Brian talked about how the current method of sharing candidate CVs with internal users isn't truly secure and how using Drive to share documents would be a better alternative. Brian also noted that using the form feature in Drive is one alternative to the home-grown Survey Tool.

The group was asked about volunteering to create an internal only Web presence using Sites. Please let Brian or Russ know if you're planning to give it a try.


Web Assessment/Small Focus Groups

For the next part of the Web Assessment, Clay and Brian are forming small focus groups for collecting additional details related to the main topics in the web assessment survey and would appreciate your participation.

- Participate by submitting this form!


Commonspot Replication Schedule

Replication runs daily from 5 a.m. to midnight, occurring every 15 minutes.

Remember, you can get the latest news and info by checking out the Web Publishing Blog.

A Million Times

Cool Stuff

If you see anything out on the interwebs that absolutely must be shared with the group, please email me the URL and I'll add it to the next agenda!

- How Search Works
- A Million Times
- Lego Dance
- Photo Timeline for Cellphones
- Draft
- Word Traps (Courtesy of Dee Crosby)