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Santa Clara University

2013 Site Adminstrators Meetings and Open Labs

April 17, 2013 SAM Recap




Sam Prasad, Lourdes Barretto, Cara Uy, David Machado, Jerry Aquino, Ali Reimer, David Dawson, Juanita DePietro, Toni Santillan, Michelle Cwirko-Godycki, Jenna Tucker, Victoria Garcia, Christi Shaw, Janice Demonsi, Nora Jamison-Danko, David Jones, Teri Escobar, Clay Hamilton, Brian Washburn, Christine Garvale, Russ Morris.

A special thanks to Chuck Barry for taking the group photo above!

- Download agenda (66K PDF)

Deleting pages, link referals, and working around the XML parsing error

After a recent Cold Fusion upgrade an 'XML parsing' error started popping up when attempting to do a few simple tasks. I got the error while trying to delete a page using Actions > Delete Page...

To get around it, I went back to Subsite Administration and in the 'Subsite Statistics' section clicked the number to the right of 'Pages' and located the page in the list that appears in a pop-up window. In the far right column, 'Actions', I checked the ballot box for the page I want to delete. At the bottom right of the window there's a drop down 'More Actions...' I clicked that, pulled down to 'Delete Selected' and clicked the 'Go' button next to the drop down. Voila! Gone! 8^)

THIS JUST IN!!! Brian tells me PaperThin has a patch that fixes the error - after a bit of testing he'll apply it to the cms server - look for that to happen early tomorrow morning. Yay!

You may have noticed that there's usually more than one way to get things done in Commonspot. If you run into problems, please get in touch with Russ or Christine.

While I'm on the subject, if you're going to delete a page, make sure to check for referring links. You'll find them in the blue bar, Links > Referring Pages...

If you're deleting a page that's linked to from other sites, it'd be good to let the Site Admin for that referring link know so they can make any changes necessary to their site.


New Slide Show Element

As part of the redesign of the Undergraduate Admission site, Brian put together a new slide show element that feeds images and descriptions from photos that are part of a Flickr set, has Social Media built-in, thumbnail/arrow navigation and fullscreen display.

Although the new site is currently in development, you can see the slide show in action.**

From the Element Gallery: Content Well > Flickr Slideshow

To use this new slideshow, you'll need a Flickr set id (make sure your set is viewable to the public, not private) and when configuring the element make sure the 'Display Mode' is set to 'gallery'. The descriptions are pulled in from each photo on Flickr. There's limited use of HTML in Flickr, hyperlinks are allowed.

There is a public SCU Flickr account that Brian has set up - if you'd like access, ask Russ or Brian.

And while you're in the development Undergraduate Admission site, take a few seconds to look at the home page mock-up, too.**
Make your browser window narrower. Keep making it narrow. You're looking at initial efforts in making the site responsive. Cool, huh?

**NOTE: after you click the links above you may need to change the URL to cms from www because Commonspot changes any instance of cms to www when this email is published. So efficient! 8^) Call Russ if you need help with this, please. Funky. I know. Thanks for your patience.

Teri Escobar

Spring 2013 Commonspot 6 Classes

- Contributor, April 30, 10 am, Register
- Administrator, May 10, 10:30 am, Register
- Exploring the Blog Element, May 20, Register
- Exploring the Survey Element, June 5, 2:15 pm, Register



Firefox ESR 17.0.5 - We use Firefox Extended Service Release for authoring in Commonpsot 6. The latest auto-update brought me up to version 17.0.5 and I've been using it wothout problem for a few weeks. Download Firefox ESR 17.0.5

Tale of the Dancing Spider - Have you viewed the University's Webcams? Over the last couple of weeks there's been a dead spider floating in plain view lower left of the Benson Fountain cam. A parent notified us. Thanks to Cole McKay from Facilities for removing the carcass! The cams are checked every other week, or after a storm, or if high winds blow through.

Google Mini Key Matches - If you have specific keywords or phrases that you'd like associated with results from the search field in header, please contact Russ. A good example: searching the term 'internships' - see the grey box at the top of the list? That's what KeyMatches look like.


Cool Stuff

If you see anything out on the interwebs that absolutely must be shared with the group, please email me the URL and I'll add it to the next agenda!

- Times Haiku
- Google URL Shortnener (courtesy of Lindsey Cromwell)
- Sleeping in Space
- How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell