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Santa Clara University

2013 Site Adminstrators Meetings and Open Labs

July 17, 2013 SAM Recap



Kristen Intlekofer, Robyn Fulton, Michelle Cwirko-Godycki, Ali Reimer, David Dawson, Aaron Ho, Charlotte West, Linda Jenkins, Hayley Redburn, Janice DeMonsi, Sasha Sommer, Dave Machado, Sam Prasad, Jen Ferrari, Christi Shaw, Marc Ramos, Cara Uy, Lindsey Kouvaris, Heidi Williams, Pat Dutcher, David Jones, Anne McMahon, Agustin Ruiz, Christine Cole, Chris Nalls, Donna Perry, Julie Stone, Mitch Grieb, Rich Giacchetti, Christine Garvale, Russ Morris.

- Download agenda (66K PDF)


OMC has two newbies... Robyn Fulton, Senior Administrative Assistant and Kristen Intlekofer, Assistant Editor, Santa Clara Magazine.

Robyn is a local, coming to us by way of Mass Mutual where she worked as Business Manager.

Kristen is from Maryland, where she worked as Assistant Editor of the alumni magazine at Johns Hopkins University.



Commonspot 8 Upgrade Recap

Brian talked about... well, actually Brian couldn't attend the meeting - there were replication problems with one of the public-facing servers. If you were working in Commonspot yesterday you probably noticed that it got restarted a few times! He reports that the issue was resolved before close of business.

As for the Cspot 8 Upgrade, I don't think there were any issues that the community would have even noticed, but folks are happy about being able to use Chrome, Safari, and IE, along with Firefox to author now. Very cool!

From a user's point of view, this was probably the smoothest upgrade we've experienced. The reason? Brian and Tony tested extensively in development before applying the upgrade to the production environment. Awesome job, guys. Thanks!


Responsive Design Template Specs

I shared with the group a handout that included design/layout specifications, showed a small sub-site with examples of different layouts, and unveiled new Photoshop templates for the wider banner and widget used in the RD layouts.

I reviewed the examples and went over (once again) how to switch from the 2007 template to the 2013 Responsive Design template.

 - Commonspot Template examples
 - Responsive Design Template Layout Dimensions Handout (475k PDF)
 - RD Banner/Widget Photoshop Templates (1.6MB ZIP)

Animal Photobombs

Cool Stuff

If you see anything out on the interwebs that absolutely must be shared with the group, please email me the URL and I'll add it to the next agenda!

- HTML ISO-8859-1 Reference
- HTML Symbol Entities Reference
- The Time you Have (In JellyBeans)
- Animal Photobombs