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Santa Clara University

2013 Site Adminstrators Meetings and Open Labs

August 21, 2013 SAM Recap



Marc Ramos, Juan Peralta, Aaron Ho, Christine Cole, Marika Krause, Leah Nakasaki-Peterson, Jen Ferrari, Nancy Cutler, Susan Peters, Patrick Dutcher, Ali Reimer, Cara Uy, Heidi Williams, Christi Shaw, Lindsey Kouvaris, Anne McMahon, Christine Garvale, Brian Washburn, Russ Morris.

- Download agenda (315K PDF)


OMC recently conducted the annual Keyword Audit. The updated list:

academic, admissions, arts and sciences, broncos, bucky, business, california, catholic, college, counseling psychology, de saisset, education, engineering, entrepreneurship, ethics, financial aid, graduate, higher education, ignatian, innovation, jesuit, jesuit university, justice, law, mba, michael engh, mission, professional development, religion, research, san jose, santa clara university, science, scu, silicon valley, sustainability, technology, theology, undergraduate

... you can see these keywords in action by going to with your web browser, right-clicking in an open area of the window and selecting 'view page source' - meta name="keywords' is where you'll find them, roughly 6 lines from the top in the html.

Commonpsot allows for the addition of keywords at the sub-site level: Sub-site Administration > Content Classification > Default Page Keywords

Select from the drop-down: Append to existing keywords in sub-sites below

Brian talked about why the keywords aren't nearly important as a clear title and description (Properties > Standard), and that keywords would be better utilized in the text on content pages, including homepages.

It's a good idea to check Subsite Admin > Properties > Additional Settings > Page Title Prefix for accuracy.



If you're not using the Campus Calendar to highlight your unit's events, what's stopping you? It's a great tool for getting the word out.

I checked this month and HR, SCU Law, Markkula Center, ECP/CPD, Engineering, Alumni, and The President's Office are taking advantage of its power.

Plus, event content can be used in Cspot pages - if you're using a Level 3 homepage, let me know if you're interested in adding events.



There's a bug that's preventing uploaded files from over-writing existing files in the /customcf directory. The most common example - if you're using and embedding their code in a text file for upload and use with the Custom Script Element, normally you'd update the embed code and upload the same file.

Well, that updated file with the same name isn't overwriting the server copy! All the dialog boxes indicate that the file is overwritten, but no, it isn't. The temporary fix is to upload a file with a different name to the /customcf directory. Brian has reported the bug to PaperThin.



The folks at Google are always striving to improve their services - and sometimes things we've been merrily using get broken in the process. One such feature is Annotations in Google Analytics. The ability to post and share annotations stopped working back in April.

You didn't notice? That's probablty because there aren't a lot of SCU Site Admins that use this feature. You should. If you're sending out communications that direct traffic to your subsite, annotations are a good way to add meaning to the resulting spikes in traffic.

I'm happy to report that a recent update to the GA Admin Panel restores the ability to post and share annotations.

If you'd like to have that ability, please send Russ a note with the Gmail addy you're using to access GA.

I'd like to thank Albert Qian and Michelle Cwirko-Godycki from Alumni Relations for their help testing this feature.



Christine Garvale will be on vacation next week.

The Webcam in St. Joe's is down because the building's network is being re-wired.

Dave Machado launched the new responsive Housing Website on Monday. He'll be showing it off at the September SAM. Take a peek, be ready for critique 8^).

Brian shared with the group that a new Google Search Appliance is on campus, and once it's set-up and configured it'll replace the old Google Mini that's been around since 2007.

Lindsey Kouvaris (de Saisset) asked the group for help finding a photo that includes Mission Santa Clara and students. If you have or know of an image Lindsey should see, contact her at x2741 please.

The September SAM will be held in Harrington Viewing & Taping B.

Silk – Interactive Generative Art

Cool Stuff

If you see anything out on the interwebs that absolutely must be shared with the group, please email me the URL and I'll add it to the next agenda!

- Silk – Interactive Generative Art
- Every Second on the Internet
- 60s Timelapse - Perseid Meteor Shower in Joshua Tree Park
- A Breathing Earth