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Santa Clara University

2014 Site Administrator Meetings and Open Labs

April 16, 2014 SAM Recap



Robyn Fulton, Gratia Rankin, Donna Perry, David Dawson, Bruce Welsh, Jen Ferrari, Nora Jamison-Danko, David Machado, Molly Williams, Patrick Dutcher, Jeff Gire, Teri Escobar, Marc Ramos, Denise Krane, Jefferson Dela Cruz, Sandy Boyer, Ali Reimer, Michelle Cwirko-Godycki, Melissa Brotherton, Linda Jenkins, Nicole Maxwell, Cara Uy, Janice DeMonsi, Mitch Grieb, Christi Shaw, Trish Salazar, Aaron Ho, Bryan McClenahan, Jade Agua, Christine Garvale, Russ Morris.

- Download agenda (64K PDF)

Bryan McClenahan

Firewall/VPN Project + Heartbleed

I invited Bryan McClenahan to talk to the group about an effort underway to make working in Commonspot remotely more secure by way of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The project is in early stages, but in case there are any questions or concerns Bryan agreed to give a brief overview of progress to date. - Russ

There is an external/perimeter firewall in place that protects SCU, but it's not doing a very good job. We basically have an open-door policy that lets everything in and there needs to be in place a way to allow specifically what we want in and block everything else. There are bad people doing bad things out there.

We've already converted the HR office, Finance office, Admissions and Enrollment Services, Law, and Engineering (which was like creating a rule set for a small business!).

Working remotely is interesting to me, because if we're exposing the Commonspot interface externally, we'll need to require people to use a VPN to punch through the firewall.

Information Security will work with individual business units to find out what things they've intentionally exposed externally and help to correct.

There are a couple of ways to VPN in - using software on your computer, Cisco's AnyConnect is a tool that's been succesfully used. The web portal/console interferes with Commonspot, so at this point it's probably not an option.

Right now we don't have the facility to allow sutudents use VPN for Commonspot, but that's being worked on.

There is no set timeframe for implementation.

Heartbleed, interestingly, for SCU was a non-event. There were a few servers that needed the patch, but overall our external firewall vendor was on top of it.

Russ Morris

Clear Cache

I shared with the group how to clear cache on both the cms and www servers. The demonstration was from this step-by-step handout (65k PDF).

Browser trick - how to do a hard refresh... A quick and easy way to pull a page from the server instead of your browser's cache is to hold down the shift key and click the refresh icon. If that doesn't work for your browser/platform of choice, look here for alternative methods.



  • The new Campus Map is LIVE! If you see anything incorrect or out of date in the map, submit feedback through the map site or submit a support request. Brain relates that a new Commonspot element for specific map locations is coming soon.
  • Events? Campus Calendar! Use it! Always! 8^) Submission Guidelines...
  • System updates - April 22, starting @ 9p - replication will resume April 23 @ ~9a
  • There's a service pack for the current version of Commonspot, and a new v9. Brian will be testing both on Dev01 this month.
  • Flickr API issue resolved - slideshows are again working as they should. If you have any problems with yours, let Russ know.
Teri Escobar / Marc Ramos

Techonology Training - Commonspot Classes in April

Landings at San Diego Intl Airport

Cool Stuff

If you see anything out on the interwebs that absolutely must be shared with the group, please email me the URL and I'll add it to the next agenda!