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SCU Web Publishing Roles

Access to the SCU Web Publishing system is controlled by a built-in security framework. The system can only be accessed by an authorized user, and the user's permissions are determined by an assigned role within a Web site. All sites created are sub-sites of the main University site.

The Web publishing roles, which are assigned to individuals in the CommonSpot application, are, in descending hierarchical order:

CMS Administrators -- Administrators manage the entire Web publishing system.

Members of the Content Management System (CMS) administrator group have the widest set of permissions. CMS administrators are responsible for creating sites, adding new users, and defining user groups. The CMS administrator defines security settings for sites, as well.

Example Administrator: Brian Washburn, University Webmaster

Publishers -- A Publisher decides the goals and objectives of a site.

The Publisher is institutionally responsible for all content in a site, and has read and agreed to the SCU Responsibility Statement for Web Publishers. The Publisher is the primary contact person for the site by the University administration.  Read the SCU Responsibility Statement for Web Publishers.

Example Publisher: Associate Dean Corning, College of Arts & Sciences

Content Owners -- A Content Owner produces the content to meet the publisher's goals and objectives.

The Content Owner determines the site structure using the SCU template, identifying navigation, links, and creating and editing text, images, etc. for the site, delegating as needed.

Example Content Owner: Assistant Dean, Rafael Ulate

Site Administrators -- A Site Administrator maintains the structure and integrity of the site, using the CommonSpot application to meet needs and goals of the site.

The Site Administrator is responsible for site administration and management, such as adding user accounts, managing site configuration settings, granting and revoking user permissions within a site, and scheduling training for site contributors. The Site Administrator is the primary contact person for the CMS Administrators, and likely is the designated e-mail contact for site visitors.

Example Site Administrator: Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries Administrative Assistant, Ralph Fullerton

Contributors -- A Contributor will typically have page authoring access, but this will be limited to the main content well, or portions of it.

Communities -- Individuals may be designated as members of a Community of site visitors with read-only access to specific pages or directories.

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