Santa Clara University

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About the Wellness Center

The mission of the Santa Clara University Wellness Center is to support the provision of educational and preventative health and wellness services on our campus. Within the context of a Jesuit Catholic institution, the Wellness Center is committed to fostering a healthy campus environment by empowering individuals to reach their full potential, make informed positive lifestyle choices, and take responsibility for self-care in order to achieve and maintain optimal levels of wellness. 

The primary objectives of the Wellness Center include: 

  • Reducing harmful alcohol and other drug use
  • Reducing sexual assault and relationship violence
  • Increasing student knowledge of, and ability and commitment to take action as bystanders when a situation involving misuse of alcohol and other drugs, and/or a potential or in-progress sexual assault and/or violent act occurs
  • Increasing student knowledge of and tools to engage in healthy choices related to wellness, including healthful eating, stress management, healthy relationships, sexual health, general health, mental health, sleep, and other topics
  • Engaging students as ambassadors and educators amongst the student body to promote a safer, healthier, and more supportive campus community.

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