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I’m not sure if I am still in love with my boy/girlfriend, what can I do?
Do I need to have a PAP exam?
When do you know if you are ready to have sex?
I’m gay and need help coming out to my parents?
How do I protect myself from pregnancy & STDs?
I come from a divorced family, can I still have a healthy relationship?
How should I handle a long distance relationship?
I have problems trusting my girlfriend, what should I do?

Whether your attractions and relationships are same-sex, opposite-sex, both, or unclear, Queer Abby is ALL ABOUT helping you make sense of your sexual health, relationship and intimacy needs.

How exactly will this happen? Just send your question to the e-mail address below and you will receive some free, fabulous and CONFIDENTIAL advice from Queer Abby (one of our professional counselors at the Counseling Center or Student Wellness Center).

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*PLEASE NOTE* The "Queer Abby" advice service is intended for Santa Clara University students only. This service should be utilized only for informational and/or educational purposes. It is NOT a substitute for medical or psychological treatment and is not intended to address emergency situations. If you are experiencing a medical or psychiatric emergency, contact 911 or a Crisis/Emergency number immediately.

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FAQ - All About Abby
What is the Purpose of Queer Abby? How soon can I expect a response from Abby? Are my questions really confidential? Is Abby available all the time? What if I need immediate assistance?


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