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Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

This self-assessment is to help you determine if you have some symptoms of an Eating Disorder. Please be as honest as possible when answering this questionnaire. Remember this is only a guide and meant to help you examine your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors regarding your eating and body image. This questionnaire is not intended to provide a diagnosis, nor can it substitute for a more comprehensive assessment by a trained medical or counseling professional.

Answer YES or NO to the following questions

Do you feel out of control when you eat?                                                    
Do you starve yourself?                                                                            
Do you feel in control when you don't eat?                                                    
Do you feel you don't deserve to eat?                                                         
Do you have an intense fear of gaining weight?                                              
Do you believe you are fat even though others tell you different?                     
Do you use diet pills or laxatives to control your weight?                                 
Do you feel guilt after eating?                                                                    
After eating, do you binge and self induce vomiting?                                       
Do you binge if you are feeling sad?                                                            
Do you feel food and weight are the only things that you have control over?      
Do you tell yourself you're ugly, fat, worthless etc.?                                       
Do you avoid social gatherings or meals because of food?                               
Are you ashamed of your eating habits?                                                       
Do you think about food constantly?                                                           
Do you exercise excessively to lose weight?                                                 
Do you believe you will be happier if you lose weight?                                     
Do you get angry with people if they ask you about your eating habits?            
Are you secretive about what you eat or don't eat?                                      
Do you have a need to be perfect?                                                            
Do you lie about your weight loss and make efforts to hide it from others?          
Do you constantly think about food, calories and recipes?                              
Do you think that you may have an Eating Disorder?     
If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, you may have symptoms related to an eating disorder (especially if 3 or more). I would strongly urge you to discuss matters with your health care provider, therapist or someone who specializes in eating disorders. Also, it can always be helpful to consider talking to a close friend or family member who may help lead you in the right direction to get help. You don’t have to be alone in this any longer!!!
Click HERE to take another on-line eating disorder assessment
Santa Clara University Resources include:

Cowell Student Health Center **lab work, medical check-up, consultation
Counseling Center  **ongoing professional counseling and referrals
Wellness Center     **educational support, resources, consultation
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