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  • Maggi VanDorn '08 in the Deliver Us podcast studio image link to article

    Podcasting on Pain and Progress

    Reeling from the ongoing church sexual abuse crisis, Maggi Van Dorn ’08 teamed up with America Media to harness her skills as a podcast producer and devout Catholic to find a way forward.

  • Anthony Hazard, Brett Solomon, Tanisha Sparks, Aldo Billingslea holding Congressional honor awards image link to article

    SCU Community Members Honored by Rep. Ro Khanna

    Santa Clara faculty, staff, and a student among those honored for their work on behalf of African Americans.

  • Marialisa Caruso sits in a church pew in the film Emerald Run image link to article

    Make It Happen

    The unbelievable story of how finance major Marialisa Caruso ’20 helped write (and starred in) the award-winning film Emerald Run, opening in theaters Feb. 21.

  • Map of Europe image link to article

    Don’t Know Much About Geography

    Lecturer Carolyn Trist says that geography isn't just trivia. Knowing where things happen is the first step to knowing why they happen.

  • An asian mother and child wearing masks in an airport image link to article

    How to Contain the Virus of Racism During Coronavirus Outbreak

    Being Asian in the midst of coronavirus means being scared for our health while simultaneously facing unpredictable racism and xenophobia. So, how do we cope? Assistant Professor Sherry Wang offers strategies in an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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