Authority and Responsibilities

Santa Clara University
Faculty Handbook

(Approved by the Faculty Senate in April 2002 and the Board of Trustees on May 9, 2002)

2.2 Board of Trustees
In accordance with the charter granted to the University by the State of California in 1855, the Board of Trustees holds full legal power and responsibility for the operation of the University.

In accordance with the Bylaws of the President and Board of Trustees of Santa Clara University, the Board is a self-perpetuating body consisting of at least 45 Trustees but no more than 50 Trustees of which 35 positions will be for lay Trustees and ten or more will be for Jesuits. The exact number of Trustees shall be set from time to time by resolution of the Board. Of the Jesuit Trustees, one shall be the President of the University and one shall be the Rector of the Jesuit Community at Santa Clara University. Of the 35 lay Trustees, approximately 25 percent will be alumni/ae, one of whom will have received a bachelor's degree from the University not more that five years prior to election as a Trustee.

All members serve for three year terms except for the President and the Rector of the Jesuit Community who serve by virtue of their offices.