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Faculty are crucial to fostering a culture of integrity at Santa Clara University. Some of the ways that faculty can reinforce the importance of Academic Integrity and the significance of the Academic Integrity Pledge include the following:

  • Make conversations about Academic Integrity an ongoing part of courses
  • Include the pledge and a statement of academic integrity in the syllabus and course website
  • Discuss the importance of integrity in their own scholarship and in their discipline
  • Use the pledge in conjunction with assignments and tests
  • Discuss academic standards for their particular discipline, class, and assignments (e.g. forms of citation, acceptable and unacceptable collaboration)
  • Report violations of Academic Integrity

Listed below are resources for using the Academic Integrity Pledge and for fostering a climate of Academic Integrity.

Pledge Implementation

Find more information on the pilot program and the history of the Academic Integrity Pledge

For the Classroom

Find information on syllabus statements and designing assignments to foster academic integrity

Reporting a Violation

Get more information on how to report a violation and how the adjudication process works

Campus Resources for Students

These campus resources can help students facing the feelings of stress and anxiety that can result in decisions to compromise Academic Integrity (Faculty/staff referral may be the incentive a student needs to explore support options).

“I really like having the pledge. It does a number of things. One is that its wording really invites each student to make a deeper personal commitment to academic integrity. Another is that it's short and sweet: It isn't onerous and boring. Also, it's a great tool to get a conversation going at the start of the quarter and to allow an easy return to that conversation -- i.e., a conversation about academic integrity -- at different key spots throughout the quarter.”  -- SCU Faculty Member

What Students are Telling us about Academic Integrity

Further Readings