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Mobile Credentials

Mobile Credentials...your ACCESS Card IN your phone! 

What is a mobile credential? A credential is a tool that gives you access to transact and allows you to interact with points of service and security across campus. Currently, your ACCESS card is your credential providing you the ability to enter your residence hall, pay for books and food, to print, to do laundry, to check out books and to enter the recreation and other academic facilities.

A mobile credential provides the security of your ACCESS card and the convenience of a mobile device by turning your phone or watch into your credential.
What can I do with my mobile credential? The mobile credential will allow students, faculty and staff to gain access to residence halls, pay for books and food, use laundry machines, printers and vending by using their SCU credentials via their phone or watch.
Why is SCU moving to a mobile credential option? Being a pioneer in the campus card space with this technology will further increase SCU’s visibility as a Jesuit institution in the heart of Silicon Valley. More importantly, the mobile credential option will provide quick access for students, faculty, staff and others needing credentials to access the various services and facilities at SCU. It will eventually be a seamless process for future faculty, staff, students and visitors to SCU get their SCU credential without having to personally visit the ACCESS office.
Do I have to use a mobile credential? Can I continue to use my ACCESS card? Currently, you are not required to move to a mobile credential. All students, faculty, and staff will be issued new ACCESS cards for 2019-20. If you opt out, you will continue to use your ACCESS card for door entry, POS, printing, laundry, etc.
Can I have a mobile credential AND and ACCESS card? You can have a mobile credential and an ACCESS card. However, only one of these can be activated to move through and transact on campus (excepting Onity lock doors)
What if I lose my phone/watch? Losing your mobile credential is similar to losing your ACCESS card. If you lose your mobile device (phone or watch), please log into eAccounts and use the link at the top right corner of the page to suspend your credential.  
Where do I go if I have questions or feedback? If you have questions or feedback, please email or call 408-551-1647
Why do I need to get a new ACCESS card if I opt out of mobile credential? All ACCESS cards must be reissued to confirm to the new technology. The new ACCESS card (free using current photo) will have the photo on the right side and will be fully compatible with all touch points across campus