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Online Card Office

What is the Online Card Office?

The Online Card Office is a wonderful tool to help you manage your accounts, make deposits, and suspend your missing card.

You will need to register at the site with your 11 digit campus ID number which is found on the front of your ACCESS Card.  Once a username and password have been set up, you can log on day or night to review your transaction history and card balances. 

If your card goes missing, you can put a free, temporary hold on your account to protect your money and building security.

Your parents can also make deposits to your ACCESS card accounts using the Online Card Office as long as they have your 11 digit campus ID number.  

If you need help registering at the OLCO, give us a call and we can walk you through the process.  If you get locked out of the OLCO, send an email to from your SCU Gmail account and we can assist you with re-setting your password.