Specialty Cards - Contractor, VIP and Volunteer

Contractor and Volunteer Cards

The ACCESS Office issues cards for contractors and visitors providing services to the University.  The sponsoring department must complete an ACCESS Card Request Form.  Visitor cards are provided to those not being paid by the University; contractor cards are provided to those working through an outside agency or as an independent contractor.

When the card has been prepared, the department will be notified to direct the contractor or visitor to the ACCESS Office with a U.S. government or state issued photo ID, such as a driver's license.  Passports are also an accepted of form of ID. 

Contractor and visitor cards expire at the end of work on campus or on June 30th of the current fiscal year. The card expiration date is printed on the face of the card; if work will be extended beyond this date, the University department responsible for the contractor or visitor must email the ACCESS Office requesting card renewal.  The cost per card and per renewal is $20 effective 7/1/18. 

Department VIP Cards

Campus departments may purchase a VIP card which can function as a door key by using the same link above.  These cards are $20 effective 7/1/18 and valid for one academic year only.