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Admitted students and parents, join us as we kick off our six part podcast series this spring. These podcasts and videos will share insight to the SCU community—a community we hope you will call your own.

To invent the life you want to lead, you need the right laboratory, equipment and a dash of curiosity. From that first critical decision to the first celebration of success, students from across the globe have found this at Santa Clara University—a nurturing and intellectually stimulating place in the heart of Silicon Valley. In our Life Invented podcast series, we chat with students, faculty and staff who are discovering what it means to be a global citizen, innovator and influencer. Follow us as we journey towards a life of limitless potential. This is…Life Invented.

We will be releasing new podcasts and videos throughout the month of April. The first two podcasts both feature thoughts and advice on the college selection process. Click on the below titles to head over to our Life Invented site to listen.


Behind the scenes with the SCU Admission team.
Eva Blanco Masias, Dean of Undergraduate Admission
AJ Howell-Williams, Senior Associate Director
Eddie Kelinksy, Assistant Director
Join a few members of the Undergraduate Admissions team as they reflect on their own college experiences and share a few tips on making the ultimate college decision.


Learn what you love. Be who you want to be. Live the dream.
Alonzo Billips ‘20, Bioengineering
Nathan Metzger ‘17, Mechanical Engineering
Uma Palaniappan ‘17, Public Health Science/Psychology
Hear how these current SCU students navigated the college decision-making process to find the right fit. Every path is unique to the individual, but these students have discovered a way forward where their potential is limitless.